Longtime inhabitant of the foothills of the Angeles National Forest, now seeking to solve the disappearance of the former Barons of Pasadena

Name: Wolfwood Nature: Survivor Clan: Gangrel
Player: jawheeler124 Demeanor: Loner Generation: 9th
Title: Concept: Drifter Sire: Known

Strength: ●●● Charisma: ● Perception: ●●●
Dexterity: ●●● Manipulation: ●●● Intelligence: ●●
Stamina: Tireless ●●●● Appearance: ●● Wits: ●●●

Alertness: ●●●● Animal Ken: ●● Academics:
Athletics: ●● Crafts: Computer:
Brawl: ●● Drive: Finance:
Dodge: ●●● Etiquette: Investigation:
Empathy: Firearms: Law:
Expression: Melee: ●● Linguistics: French/Spanish/Latin ●●●
Intimidation: ●●● Performance: Medicine: ●●
Leadership: Security: Occult:
Streetwise: Stealth: ●●● Politics:
Subterfuge: Survival: ●●● Science:

Animalism: ● Generation: ●●●● Conscience: ●
Fortitude: ● Resources: ●● Self-Control: ●●●●
Protean: ●● - Courage: ●●●●●

MERITS FLAWS Humanity: ●●●●●
Werewolf Companion (3pts) Glowing Eyes (3pts) Willpower: ●●●●● ●●●
Ruse of the Wolf’s Clothing (2pts) Permanent Fangs (3pts) Blood Pool: 14
Acute Sense - Hearing (1pt) Unrevealed (1pt) Points per turn: 2
Catlike Balance (1pt)

Weakness: Gangrel are very close to the Beast Within; as they succumb to it, it leaves its marks on their bodies. Every time a Gangrel frenzies, he gains an animalistic feature. This feature is determined by the player and Storyteller; it might be tufted ears, a pelt, a tail, catlike eyes, a snarling voice, tusks, even scales or feathers. Every five such features acquired permanently reduce one of the Gangrel’s Social Attributes by one.

Age: 47 Apparent Age: 19 R.I.P: 05/08/1982
Sex: Male Hair: Black Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’10” Weight: 170 lbs Race: Spanish


Wolfwood was born as Xavier Montemayor as the only child to a poor farming family in Salamanca, Spain in 1963. After his family loses their small cottage and farm to famine in 1965, and in order to settle his debts, Xavier’s father sold his family’s services to a wealthy landowner (Merico de Santo Valieri) in Rabat, Morocco. Although Merico was mostly nonexistent in the day to day lives of his servants and field workers, he had a fondness for drink, young women, and was fiercely prideful.

As the years went by, other workers and families came to the landowners estate to work off their debts; among which, the Baltazar family arrived in 1966 with a daughter named Surayyah. Surayyah Baltazar was born in 1964 and became instant friends with Xavier. As the years went on, Xavier and Surayyah’s relationship grew and was well known by everyone in the estate. In 1982, as Surayyah turned 18, she was forced to leave the fields to work as one of Merico’s house servants. There were times in the past when young women were taken and never heard from again in this same manner. It was only a few days before his intentions were revealed: to coerce her into being “herded”. One night, Surayyah managed to escape from Merico’s mansion and into the commons. Shortly afterwards, Xavier found her as she collapsed onto the ground, with Merico not too far behind. Xavier glared at Merico, who only shot an evil grin in return. Xavier charged at Merico with blade in hand, only to find himself caught by the throat and effortlessly lifted in the air. Still smiling, Merico only says, “If I cannot have her, then neither will you – for my curse shall force you apart…” No sooner did he finish his sentence did Xavier slash Merico’s face with his blade. After throwing Xavier to the ground, Merico descended upon him, then quickly turned his attention to the unconscious Surayyah. However, his triumph was cut short as other field workers were being attracted by the commotion. Merico knew he couldn’t risk being discovered, so he turned into a large wolf and fled – just in time to make any potential witnesses believe it was a simple wolf attack.

Days passed and Xavier was weak, feverish, and constantly in and out of consciousness. He was looked after day and night by Surayyah, who never left his side. One night as Surayyah lay asleep by his side, Xavier, after seemingly being fully rejuvenated, had awaken her excitedly. He told Surayyah that they both had to leave Morocco. So he packed which belongings he could carry and instructed Surayyah to do the same. As she packed provisions, she left a note for her family that she was leaving Morocco with Xavier. Xavier somehow knew that his actions were being closely watched and they were being followed by Merico. Almost dead from hunger, and knowing that Merico was not far behind them was the only thing pressing him onward. Narrowly making a ferry crossing the Mediterranean, he and Surayyah successfully made their escape from Merico.

Attempting to live in Salamanca proved to be troublesome due to Xavier’s family debts, and it was decided that they leave Spain altogether. In 1983, they leave for the United States. Traveling between small towns across the country, Xavier’s temperament and “condition” managed to continuously uproot them. All the while, Surayyah kept in contact with her family through constantly writing them. She even found out about distant relatives of hers living in the US, as well. It took a few months until he could control his cravings when they decided to settle in a larger town for more opportunities in 1985. Surayyah had received word of a well-to-do and elderly distant aunt of hers living in Burbank. Shortly after contacting her, however, she dies – but not before signing over her estate to Surayyah. Only days after moving in, Surrayah disappears when coming home from school. Greatly disturbed by this, Xavier tracks her scent leading towards the foothills not very far from their home. He would search for her every night starting from sunset until sunrise, searching more and more of the woods. His search got so desperate, that he would stay in the woods, under the canopy of the trees in hopes he would come across her during the day. Days turned to weeks, and months turned to years. Xavier learned to make the woods his home, and he very rarely left only to go back to his home in suburban Burbank, in hopes that he would find her there.

One night in 1991, Xavier searches an area of the woods with a peculiar and familiar scent. As he attempts to investigate further into the dark cave, he finds himself thrown to the ground and firmly pinned by a large white wolf. Xavier, without thinking, bares tooth and claw and throws the wolf against the outer wall of the cave. The wolf, slightly dazed immediately recognizes the intruder and reverts to human form, revealing Surayyah. Shortly before Xavier could express his excitement, his mouth is covered and he is being dragged through the woods with lightning speed by Surayyah. She tells him that he is not safe in that territory of the woods and that his life is in danger if he stays nearby; but also if she leaves her pack, they would track her down. She manages to find him safe haven close enough to her, but still far enough away from her pack. She also helps him develop his skill in shielding his Vampire scent from the Werewolves. Years after having been reunited, Xavier has taken up the name of Wolfwood as homage to his new identity. In his day to day exploits of keeping tabs on the Werewolf activity in the forest as well as the Vampire activity in the city, he knows that his wife is always watching him in the shadows, much as he does with her.


Blood Is Thicker Than Water jawheeler124