Alexis "Alex" Davenport

Name: Alexis “Alex” Davenport Nature: Conniver Clan: Malkavian
Player: Jordmodir Demeanor: Caregiver Generation: 9th
Title: Baron of Pasadena Concept: Sire: Known

Strength: ●● Charisma: ●●● Perception: ●●●
Dexterity: ●● Manipulation: Persuasive ●●●● Intelligence: Creative ●●●●
Stamina: ●● Appearance: ●●●● Wits: ●●●

Alertness: ● Animal Ken: Academics: ●●●
Athletics: Crafts: Computer: ●
Brawl: ● Drive: ● Finance:
Dodge: ●● Etiquette: Investigation:
Empathy: ●● Firearms: Law:
Expression: ● Melee: ● Linguistics: Latin
Intimidation: ● Performance: Medicine: ●
Leadership: ●● Security: Occult:
Streetwise: ● Stealth: ● Politics:
Subterfuge: ● Survival: ●● Science: ●●

Auspex: ● Generation: ●●●● Conscience: ●●●
Dementation: ●● Status: ● Self-Control: ●●
Obfuscate: ●● - Courage: ●●●●●

OTHER TRAITS FLAWS Humanity: ●●●●●
TALENT – Malkavian Time: ●●● Grip of the Damned: (4pts) Willpower: ●●●●●
- Lunacy (2pts) Blood Pool: 14
Derangement: Sanguinary Animism Unrevealed (1pt) Points per turn: 2

Weakness: Every last vampire of Malkav’s blood is irredeemably insane in some form or another. Some attribute this to a curse of the blood,while other Lunatics actually call it a special blessing, a gift of insight. When a Malkavian character is created, the player must choose at least one derangement for that character at the time of the Embrace; this derangement can be temporarily fought with Willpower, but can never be permanently overcome.

Age: Apparent Age: R.I.P:
Sex: Hair: Eyes:
Height: Weight: Race:


I don’t remember my mother at all.  There were complications while she was in labor with my brother and I and she did not survive the childbirth.  Our father blamed us for her death.  Something that he began taking out on us about the time we turned six.  My brother Alexander would step in and take the brunt of the abuse, shielding me from the worst of it.  It must have been about four years before our neighbors began to get suspicious enough to contact the police, which resulted in him being taken into custody and us being sent to foster care.

For reasons I still do not understand, my brother and I were separated during the first few months in foster care, each of us ending up with a different family.  The last of my family had now been stripped of me and I never saw him again.  The next eight years in foster care were a blur of repeated scenarios.  I would end up with a family for about 6-8 months and something would go wrong and back to care I went.  The reasons were never the same, but the end results were: I was back in care and learning how to hate humanity that much more…

At last I was 18.  An adult.  Able to take care of myself.  Or so, I was led to believe.  The truth, like the rest of my life before this, was nothing like what it should be.  I had no skills and was socially inept.  Even with all the mandatory therapy in foster care, I was still prone to sudden violent outbursts.  For some reason this did not go over well with most of my bosses.  Needless to say, but I am going to say it anyways, I could not keep any of my jobs for very long.  Years went by like this, floating from job to job. Maybe two or three a year.  I began to wear out my welcome and felt my only option was to travel.  To stay on the move until I could find where I belonged.  Until I could make it work and finally have a life I deserved.  By the time I was 23 I had made my way around most of the country.  That’s when I met her.

Sarah was a fun loving woman in her late 20’s with an infectious laugh that could lift anyone’s spirits.  We began hanging out and hitting the clubs every night.  My life seemed to be taking a turn for the better.  I had been at the same job for about 2 years and for the first time in my life I was happy.  I looked forward to each day and each night.  My habits of random dating had ceased and I was in a serious relationship.

I am not sure when the changes began, but looking back I remember my new love seemed to become more distant.  He stopped returning my affections.  I went to Sarah, my only friend, and asked her for advice.  What was a I doing wrong?  What could I change to fix it and make it like it was before.  She listened and held me close.  Told me everything would work out like it should and not to worry.  When I returned to our apartment something did not feel right.  It was very quiet as I opened my door and I saw Andre at his desk.  He had apparently fallen asleep while working on a project again, leaning forward asleep on the desk.  As I walked over to him, I noticed that he was too still and there was something spilled on the desk.  A few more steps and I noticed it was a pool of his blood and there was a knife at his feet.  I must have went into shock, because I did not scream or panic.  I noticed a hand written note at the edge of the desk, just barely touched by the spreading blood.  In complete detachment I reached for the letter and picked it up.  I read it, feeling my emotions begin to well up inside me.  The contents of the letter are not of your concern, but I will say at that point the damn broke and I began sobbing uncontrollably.  Through my tears I heard a tentative knock at my door and turned to see Sarah standing in it with a look of horror on her face.  I ran to her and cried into her shoulder.  She ran her hand through my hair and promised it would be ok.  After a few moments I heard in a faint whisper from her, “I can make the pain stop.  I can take you away from all of this.”  As her words were spoken, I could feel myself calming.  I nodded yes and she leaned into me, her face resting on my neck.  The pain was sudden and fleeting, replaced by a pleasure I had never before known in life.

That night I became one with the Malkavian clan.  Within a few years I left my sire and headed out on my own.  I ended up in California and wandered freely through the Anarach Free States, filling each night with whatever pleasures I desired.  My confidence grew and after seven years of roaming the Baronies I made the gutsiest decision of my existence.  I set down roots and laid claim to a Barony of my own.  Now with my newly formed gang I will make this my home and am in full control of my own destiny.  No one, I repeat no one will ever hurt me again!

Alexis "Alex" Davenport

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