Blood Is Thicker Than Water

The Trip Home

AUGUST 25TH, 2010 – 10:09PM

   The traffic was non-existent and unusually quiet for so early in the evening as the gang pulled up to the light and waited to enter the on-ramp of the 110. The light turned green and they made their way slowly up the ramp. A split-second later, Hi Ki’s body tensed as she felt the familiar rush of imminent danger and she instinctively reacted. She stood up in the back seat as she glanced behind her. Wolfwood noticed the sudden movement from Hi Ki and followed her stare. Her eyes went wide as she screamed, ''Something’s coming.''

   The truck had come out of nowhere and rammed into the back of the Volkswagen bug, sending it forward where it clipped the back tire on Epiphany’s motorcycle. Both Hi Ki and Wolfwood leapt clear of the car as it careened over the side of the on-ramp. Epiphany was thrown clear of her motorcycle as it skidded further up the on-ramp. Wolfwood twisted gracefully in the air and landed on his feet in a crouched position. The car came to a stop and Hi Ki rushed to it just as Chaitan and Alex were crawling from it. The truck pulled to a stop as four figures climbed from the cab and stood spread out around it, seeming confident in their position. Anger welled up in Hi Ki, without thinking she dug her fingers into the wreckage of the Volkswagon and lifted it over her right shoulder. In one swift motion she hurled the car at the attackers yelling, ''Hit me with a car!!''








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