Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Investigating the Vignes (Part I)

Wherefore Art Thou Ventrue?


   Using several ways of contact available to her, Alex passed on the same message to all the members of her gang: BE AT MY HAVEN ON AUGUST 25TH, PRECISELY AT 1 HOUR AND 32 MINUTES AFTER SUNSET. HAVE A HAPPY UNLIFE.


AUGUST 25TH, 2010 – 7:45PM

   Hi Ki had awoken at Alex’s haven and went about getting ready for the meeting before joining Alex in the main room. First to arrive was Epiphany who was promptly asked by Alex to tell her a story to entertain her. After a stern look, Epiphany told a story about ducks and world domination, much to the delight of her Baron. As the story was concluded, Wolfwood arrived, also a little bit early. Still waiting for the others Alex demanded that he entertain her with a game. He thought for a moment and responded, ''I have a guessing game for you. It’s called ‘How many fleas does Wolfwood have?’''

   Thinking carefully, Alex answered, ''Ummm, 1400?''

   ''NONE. I am dead.''

   ''Oh. That’s a good point I suppose.''

   Her train of thought was interrupted as Chaitan arrived. On time down to the second, he promptly asked, ''Yes. What did you need?''

   ''I was thinking... we need to get the band back together.''

   Without missing a beat Epiphany said, ''I always wanted to learn bass.''

   Chaitan added, ''I like drums.'', while the other two remained silent and unamused.

   ''Ok, ok. So the real reason I brought you here tonight is that I am concerned about the disappearance of the Zingers.''

   The group looked at each other with curious glances, as Wolfwood quietly supplied, ''The Vignes.''

   ''That’s what I said. Anyways, we don’t know if they left town, went into hiding or if something happened to them. In any of those possibilities it could be trouble and we do not want anything happening to this.'', and with a quick movement she stood, raised her hands over her head and ran them down her body, indicating herself. ''So, as I was saying, we need to find out what happened to the Vintages.''

   ''Vignes.'', the others all replied in unison.

   ''That’s what I said. So, there is a local club that is also a known vampire hangout that we could go check out. Try and find out what the rumors are about their disappearance.'' Then she pointed at Epiphany, ''You may need some make-up.''

   ''A LOT of make-up.'', Wolfwood calmly stated from the corner.

   Epiphany gave him a look of quiet anger and at the same time a thought suddenly occurred to Alex, ''Wait. My Wisdom, you used to work for them. What can you tell us that may be of use?''

   ''They summoned me once a week to check on the state of the Barony and the status of the Anarchs’ views toward them. The summoning stopped about three weeks before their disappearance became common knowledge.''

   Hi Ki raised her hand, ''What if we attend the Rant next week? It would let us meet and talk with others from all the Baronies at the same time.''

   Alex pondered for a moment, ''Very good idea, my right-hand shorty, but that is going to have to wait. I want to start checking things out this evening.''

   Hi Ki turned toward Epiphany, ''Do you know who the Vignes would have gone to for help in leaving the city?''

   ''Yes I do. Let me make a few calls.'' Then she made her way to the surface. After a few moments she returned, ''David Geguld has agreed to a meeting this evening. I can lead you there.''

   Alex stood, ''Ok, then lets head out. Everyone in my car and we will follow Alex.''

‡ ‡ ‡

   Epiphany climbed onto her motorcycle, revved the engine and put on her helmet. She looked behind her and waited for the others.

‡ ‡ ‡

   The others approached Alex’s car to find themselves standing in front of a classic convertible VW bug that had been painted with red and black polka dots. Wolfwood and Hi Ki climbed into the backseat, while Chaitan stood still and simply said, ''What is that?''

   ''It’s my ladybug.'', Alex responded proudly.

   ''I am not getting into that.''

   With a hurt look on her face, ''Why not?''

   ''I’ll just take my motorcycle.''

   Alex closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them again they seemed to be solid black, ''But I would really like it if you simply got into the car. It would be much easier than using more vehicles than necessary.''

   Chaitan had a sudden sensation of his emotions being dimmed to the point of apathy. No longer wanting to argue and not caring about the result he climbed into the passenger seat. With a start of the engine, they pulled up behind Epiphany and then headed out of the Rose Bowl into the night.



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