Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Formation (Part V)

When Bonds are Forged

AUGUST 12TH, 2010 – 2:38AM

   The gang marched Jonathon in front of the waiting Alex, who appeared to be lost in thought and as unmoving as a statue. With a sudden movement and blinking of her eyes it gave the impression that she had been turned on like some animated robotic construct found at an amusement park. She focused her gaze on Jonathon and smiled broadly, ''You have been a naughty boy my dear. Come here.''

   With a finger she indicated the space before her. Reluctantly, he walked over and stood in front of her. She raised a hand slowly before him, ''You may begin making amends by kissing the hand.''

   With a look of disgust he looked around at the assembled vampires, ''Are you f#####g kidding me!?''

   A pout briefly crossed her face and then she leaned forward in her chair, ''Please... offer me your hand and I will show you how it is done.''

   An arrogant smile was unmistakable on his face as he offered his hand to her, giving the impression that he felt he was humoring a small child. Carefully she held the hand as if it was a delicate flower and pulled it toward her waiting lips. With the grace and speed of a vicious predator she extended his middle finger and bit it off, sitting back up in her chair.

   Jonathon screamed in agony, ''You crazy B###H!! What is wrong with you?''

   Alex looked at the finger and began picking at her teeth with the exposed bone. ''Now, now. There is no call for that as the pain was only momentary. The injury however shall not be. As long as you are in my Barony you are not to heal it. Is that understood?''

   Jonathon made no movement other than a quick, silent nod. ''Very well. You and yours may remain, so long as you tithe to me on a monthly basis in blood. ''

   With a flick of her wrist she tossed the finger back to him. ''You may leave now and bring the the finger back to me with your first tithing. I want it stripped of flesh and cleaned. I think I may wear it as a necklace.''

   He grimaced and turned to leave the haven, glaring at each member of the gang as he passed them. He made it just through the doorway as Alex’s mood became excited and she called after him, ''Oh, oh. I almost forgot. Come back here dear Jonathon.''

   For the briefest of moments he simply froze in place, then turned and walked back over to her. At his approach she thrust her hand out to him again with a wide grin on her face. Reluctantly he leaned forward, kissed the hand and then hastily exited the room. With his departure, she turned to her gang, ''You all did splendidly this evening. You are hereby dismissed. Go forth and enjoy your unlives, until we have need to meet again.

   Without another word, she sat back in her chair and resumed her state of absolute stillness. The rest of them looked at each other questioningly, shrugged, and departed one by one.



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