Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Formation (Part IV)

When Bonds are Forged

AUGUST 12TH, 2010 – 1:26AM

   The drive in the old beat up Volkswagen bus was quiet and the group parked short of the skate park. Hi Ki and Epiphany remained quiet in the back seats, while Chaitan and Wolfwood discussed strategy on how to deal with the fledglings. After several minutes of back and forth, Wolfwood remained quiet while the Ravnos went on with ever increasingly elaborate plans. Frustrated with the inaction, the Gangrel exited the van and headed to confront the undead skaters, not looking behind to see if the rest of the gang was following. As he approached he shouted, ''I want the leader of this little group... we need to go see someone.''

   The group turned and took defensive postures as one of their number stepped forward, ''My name is Carlos, what do you want pendejo?''

   ''I want you to come with''

   ''Well that ain’t happening, comprende? So, start stepping and move along.''

   Wolfwood noticed two of the skaters in the back of the group whispering to the others and recognized them as the two survivors from the encounter with Hi Ki. With a grin he reached behind his back to grab one of his remaining stakes when one suddenly appeared in his hand, courtesy of Chaitan, at the same time lowering his sunglasses to reveal the tainted yellowish glow from his eyes. Carlos appeared to be reaching for a weapon of his own, when a hand was placed on his shoulder. A tall figure over 6 feet pushed his way to the front of the group. ''Stand down Carlos. I’m Jonathon and these are my boys. I will go with you and see what this about.'' He followed Wolfwood back to the van and they departed for the haven of Alex.



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