Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Formation (Part III)

When Bonds are Forged

AUGUST 12TH, 2010 – 12:28AM

   Entering the tunnels the trio were quickly led and presented to Alex in what had become typical fashion. This time interrupting what appeared to be a very intense chess game between the Malkavian and the Ravnos. Both of which seemed to be trying to figure how the other may be cheating. As the guard finished announcing them Alex threw her arms out to her sides in a gesture of welcome, which caused the chess board and its pieces to be thrown to the floor. All except a few of Chaitan’s pieces which seemed to hang in the air briefly before disappearing. Alex appeared not to notice as she was beaming at the three entering her haven, ''You have returned and brought my wisdom with you! Welcome to our gang Achoo.'' Hi Ki thought briefly about correcting her on the last name, but decided to simply let it pass.

   ''I think I have a task for all of you. I want these... these fledglings in my Barony brought to me. All should be aware that attacking one of my own will not be tolerated. Also, if they wish to remain here they are to follow my rules and need to be aware of what those may be.''

   Sounding not the least bit amused Epiphany asked, ''Why did you have me brought here?''

   ''You need to be seen as a cohesive group, so that others will understand that we are not to be written off. That when something needs to be dealt with we we will work together as a united force against any outside threat. Is that understood?''

   Taken aback by her unusually clear and direct manner the others simply nodded as they looked to each other. Hi Ki was the first to speak up after the long pause following Alex’s directive, ''Where should we begin our search?''

   ''You!'', pointing at Wolfwood, ''You have been investigating the area extensively since the disappearance of the Vignes. I am betting you know where they can be found.''

   ''They have been congregating at the El Sereno Skate Park at the very edge of your Barony. Been there a couple of weeks.''

   ''Then go forth and bring their leader to me. I would like to have a polite conversation with him or her.''

   Chaitan quietly slipped off to the side to make a phone call, then returned to the group, ''I have a arranged a ride, so that we can all travel together.''

   With that, they all headed out into the night, intent on the successful completion of the task set before them by their newly accepted Baron. The banter of the newly acquainted drifted with them through the tunnels. Left alone in her room, Alex pondered the possibilities of tonights encounter. She knew that retrieving the fledgling would not pose any difficulty. If it did, then these were not the Kindred she was looking for. No, the real test would be whether these four could work together without wanting to kill each other. A wicked cheshire grin crossed her face as she returned to her chair. Leaning back, her form assumed a stillness that matched the corpse she had become. Quietly she waited.



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