Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Formation (Part I)

When Bonds are Forged

AUGUST 11TH, 2010 – 10:21PM

   Hi Ki arrived on the streets of Pasadena with the intention of finding it’s new Baron and seeking protection, or better yet a place to belong. What she did not intend to find was a fight in which she was outmatched with no where to run. Her innate sense of foreboding set off alarms in her head, but before she could determine the reason she was surrounded. With her back to a wall, four thugs dressed in t-shirts and jeans closed in on her with hunger in their eyes. Just as one of them was about to leap forward a hand reached from behind him and clawed away the entire front of his face, dropping him to the ground as so much dead weight. Before the remaining three vampires could fully react, the new figure produced a wooden stake from his jacket and shoved it into the chest on a second thug. Exchanging glances the last two decided that running was their best option and disappeared quickly into the night. Quietly the possible savior turned his attention towards Hi Ki and barked, ''What are you doing here little one?''

   ''I… I was looking for the one called Alex. Who are you?''

   ''My name is Wolfwood and what is it you want of Alex?''

   Quickly she explained herself to him and he told her that he was heading to see her now and was willing to take her to see Alex. He led her to his motorcycle, started the engine and motioned for her to climb on. With a jolt they pulled out onto the street and headed toward their destination.

   After about 15 minutes, Hi Ki Cho realized they were heading towards the Rose Bowl. Upon arriving, Wolfwood led her through a series of tunnels deep beneath the stadium, arriving at the haven entrance they are brought in by the overnight security guard and presented to Alex. As the two entered they were greeted with the sight of a young man literally playing court jester for a seated woman at the back of the room, complete with outfit and juggling flaming bowling pins. The woman looked up at the announcement made by the security guard and waved for the young man to stop, ''We have guests, Charlatan, you can entertain me again later.''

   With a heavy sigh, ''As I have said before, the name is Chaitan.'' Quietly he stepped aside as the pins and outfit faded away, leaving him wearing a tank-top with unbuttoned dress shirt, jeans and sneakers.

   Introductions were made and Hi Ki offered her services to Alex in exchange for protection to which Alex chuckled loudly.

   ''How old are you little one? And only give me the years that count.''

   ''If I understand the question correctly the answer is four.''

   ''Very good. You are a smart one. Fetch me my information and we will talk.''

   ''I am not sure I understand.''

   ''You know... my idea, my thoughts. No wait, my Epiphany! Yes, that’s her name. And take him with you to go get her. You are dismissed.''

   As Hi Ki looked to Wolfwood he merely shrugged as if to say this was normal behavior for her and he had learned to tolerate it. At which point he indicated they should be on their way.



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